Sutton Summer – Camp at Sutton Place Synagogue

Sutton Summer is a 7 week camp, June 12th to July 27thfor toddlers and preschoolers. Camp at Sutton Place Synagogue is designed to be a nurturing and engaging first camp experience for children. Our dynamic program includes water play, art, sports instruction, cooking, outdoor play, pow wow, weekly specialists, group games, shabbat, and so much more.

TGIM! (Thank goodness it’s Monday!):
 We can’t wait to welcome in special events every Monday morning for the whole camp to enjoy! These performances and events will include Art Farm, Goowins Baloonwins, Mad Science, Musical performances, and a Carnival!

Terrific Tuesday’s: 
We are looking forward to having Super Soccer Stars, Kick and Play, and Super Stars Tennis on Tuesdays!

Wonderful Wednesday’s: 
We we will have Music with Lou, Messy art with Susan on Wednesdays!

Themed Thursday’s: 
We can’t wait for themed thursdays! We will dress up for Purim in the Summer, Red, White and Blue day, and more! We will also be having Movement with Jenna or Yoga with Kelly on Thursdays!

 All camp Shabbat celebration with a musical guest every Friday on the roof!

Check out our calendar for June and July!

For more information email Camp Director, Sydnie Henkin at

Registration links:

Click here for Tiny Campers T, W, Th 9:15-11:15 (non-separated)
Click here for Mini Week 2s M,W,Th 9:00- 11:30
Click here for 2s M-F 9:00- 11:30 
Click here for 3s M-F 9:00- 12:00
Click here for 3s + Lunch Bunch M-Th 9:00-1:30 F 9:00 -12:00
Click here for 4s M-Th 9:00-2:30 F 9:00-12:00
Click here for 5s M-Th 9:00-2:30 F 10

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