professor of Religious Studies at Northwestern

Thanks to the generosity of our devoted member Irving Sitnick, in memory of Linda Sitnick, and in partnership with the Jewish Book Council, each SPS member was mailed a copy of Dr. Wimpfheimer’s latest book: The Talmud: A Biography.

On Saturday, March 16th as part of our Community Reads program, we will learn from Dr. Wimpfheimer, as he discusses his book, which takes readers on a journey from biblical and second-temple Judaism to its present-day use as a source of religious ideology, a model of different modes of rationality, and a totem of cultural identity.

Our hope is that you will have the opportunity to read The Talmud: A Biography over the next several months. However, whether you read the book or not, we hope you will join us on March 16th when Dr. Wimpfheimer shares his wisdom with our congregation.

Another way to engage with the contents of this book is by attending a course the rabbi will be offering on the Talmud. We will study this ancient text to understand how the Rabbis grappled with issues confronting their time (and ours!) This class will take place on Mondays, March 25 and April 1, at 7:30 pm