High Holiday Melodies

At SPS, we want all of our congregants to joyfully participate in all of our services. Here are a selection of High Holiday prayers to sing a long with. Performed by Cantor Dov Keren and Shira Choir conducted by Richard Slade.

V’chol Ma-aminim

And all believe that He is the faithful God He probes and searches hidden secrets.
V’chol ma-aminim shehu eil emunah, habochein uvodeik ginzei nistarot.

Zochreinu L’chayim

Remember us for life, king of desire of life and write us into the book of life for your sake, God, life is life.
Zoch’reinu l’chayim, melech chafeitz bachayim, v’chot’veinu b’seifer hachayim, l’maancha elohim chayim

B’rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed.
B’rosh hashanah yikateivun, uv’yom tzom kipur yeichateimun

Areshet S’fateinu

O God Supreme, accept the offering of our lips, the sound of the Shofar. In love and favor hear us, as we invoke your remembrance.
Areshet s’fateinu ye-erav l’fanecha, eil ram v’nisa, meivin uma-azin, mabit umakshiv l’kol t’ki-ateinu: ut’kabeil b’rachamim uv’ratzon seider malchuyoteinu.

Hayom Harat Olam

Today the world is born; today shall stand before You.All the beings of the cosmos.
Hayom harat olam, hayom ya’amid bamishpat. Kol y’tzurey olamim.
hayom harat olam

Hayom T’Amtzeinu

On this day, give us strength! Amen. On this day, bless us! Amen
Hayom T’Amtzeinu. Amen. Hayom Tevarcheinu. Amen

Avinu Malkeinu

Our Father, our King, have mercy on us and answer our prayers, though we are undeserving. Show us Your righteousness and kindness, and save us.
Avinu malkeinu, choneinu va-aneinu, ki ein banu ma-asim, aseih imanu tz’dakah vachesed v’hoshi-einu.

Kol Nidre

All vows, renunciations, bans, oaths, formulas of obligation, pledges, and promises that we vow or promise to ourselves and to God from this Yom Kippur to the next—may it approach us for good—we hereby retract. May they all be undone, repealed,cancelled, voided, annulled, and regarded as neither valid nor binding. Our vows shall not be considered vows; our renunciations shall not be considered renunciations; and our promises shall not be considered promises.
Kol nidrei ve-esarei vacharamei, v’konamei v’chinuyei, v’kinusei ush’vuot, dindarna ud’ishtabana, ud’achareim’na v’di-asarna al nafshatana, miyom kipurim zeh ad yom kipurim haba aleinu l’tovah, kul’hon icharatna v’hon. Kulhon y’hon sharan, sh’vikin sh’vitin, b’teilin um’vutalin, la sh’ririn v’la kayamin. Nidrana la nidrei, ve-esarana la esarei, ush’vu-atana la sh’vuot.
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