3rd (Kitah Gimmel)- 6th (Kitah Vav)

As our students continue their Jewish learning, they continue their learning of Jewish knowledge and practice, as well as prepare to become a bar or bat mitzvah. Our students investigate Torah stories in depth, linking them to God, mitzvot (commandments), and holidays as they go. They also enhance their understandings of Israel and of Jewish history, with major units focusing on the Holocaust and Israel in middle school. As our students begin to prepare for Jewish adulthood, they explore Jewish lifecycles and Jewish leadership. Simultaneously, our students learn to read the Siddur proficiently, gain the confidence to help lead services as a Shaliach Tzibur (or, “prayer facilitator”), and work closely with our Cantor as they approach B’nei Mitzvah and Jewish adulthood.

Our 3rd-6th grade students have 3 educational tracks from which to choose:
• Monday (4-6 pm) + Wednesday (4-6 pm)
• Saturday (9-10:30 am) + Wednesday (4-6 pm)
• Tutoring (1 hour) + Wednesday (4-6 pm) –tutoring can be arranged to accommodate the family’s schedule


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