Gesher: The Bridge to Religious School

Gesher is an enriching transitional period from 3:15-4:00 pm on Wednesdays. We require all students who arrive at SPS starting at 3:15 to go to the ballroom to participate in our new Gesher program. During Gesher, our students will have a chance to have a snack, spend time with friends, work on homework, participate in arts and crafts, play board and card games, and share Judaically-themed books.

Staffed by JRS and KNS faculty, Gesher is an opportunity for our students to transition from their secular schools to religious school, while spending time with friends and enriching their Jewish connections. The creation of this program enables us to keep the lobby/foyer area and surrounding staircases clear, which is better for the safety of our community as people are entering our space. This also allows us to know who is in the building to account for them in a more systemic way.

To cover the costs of the new program, each family participating is asked to contribute $180 per child.

Students who arrive at 3:50 or later will go directly to their classrooms. Please let us know if you will be participating in Gesher, or if your children will arrive at SPS just in time for religious school.

Click here to enroll ONLY in Gesher (for families who have already registered for Religious School)