January-March programming for all ages at SPS!

January 11-Tot Shabbat (Also, January 25 February 1 and March 7, 14, & 28)

January 11-Shakespeare and Torah with David Chapman (also February 8, March 21)

January 11-Hebrew High at the Rabbis (also February 1 and March 14)

January 15-Wednesday with Hannah (also February 5, March 11)

January 22-Parent Learn and Schmooze with David Chapman

January 24-Jewish Parenting with Rabbi Ain (also March 27)

January 24-KabbalTOT Shabbat (also February 7, March 20)

January 24-JRS Teen Shabbat/B’nai Mitzvah dinner

January 26-Sunday Symposium about Judaism and our contemporary experiences

January 26-A Pre Tu B’shvat Kadima event

January 27-Great Debates with Rabbi Ain (also February 24 and March 23)

January 27-Young Professional #SPSTalks

January 31-Shabbat Lunch with the Rabbi for KNS families (also March 6)

January 31-Musical Kabbalat Shabbat (March 13)

February 3-#SPSTalks

February 7-Young Professionals Sha-bappy Hour

February 8-Young Family service

February 8-Tu B’shvat Themed Kiddush

February 9-Teens Explore NY

February 9-KNS PJ Party-Palooza Family Fun Day

February 15-JNF Speaker about Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

March 1-3 AIPAC Conference

March 4-Young Professionals Hamantashen Bake

March 5-Dr. Stephen Berk “Old wine in new bottles”

March 7-Mussar Class with Rabbi Ain 

March 8-Purim Carnival

March 9-Short Story Class

March 9-Purim celebration at SPS

March 11 and 18-”How To’s” with David Chapman

March 16, 21, 23, and 30: Jews around the World Series

March 19-Women’s Seder

March 21-PJ Havdalah

March 24-Young Couples Wine and Cheese Night

March 25-Jordan Gorfinkel-Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel with JRS

March 26-Conflict and Cooperation: Communal Response to Anti Semitism in NYC

April 2-2nd Annual SPS Gala at The Ravel Hotel