Friday, NOVEMBER 10, Kabbalat Shabbat Service begins 6:15 pm, Dinner follows

Special Guest: BARBARA WIND, Director of Jewish Federation of Metro West NJ, founder of the Global Association of Genocide & Holocaust Educators; co-founder of Generations of the Shoah International

Kristallnacht to Charlottesville: 1938 Again?
Barbara Wind is an expert on contemporary antisemitism in our country and abroad. Her extensive knowledge of current threats is astounding, horrifying and will demand our response!
In 1938, the United States did not see Kristallnacht as the prelude to war… In fact, 20,000 Nazi supporters were actually permitted to gather for a hate-filled German American Bund Rally in Madison Square Garden! But eventually a very dear price was paid; nearly half a million Americans were lost in WWII.
In 2017, we still hear the ugly rhetoric of Holocaust Denial. Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists instigate unimaginable hate crimes. These groups are adept at acquiring legal permits to voice their prejudice and
bigotry. If we do not become more vigilant, their gatherings can escalate to unmanageable proportions… It’s time we view the mayhem and murder in Charlottesville as the wake-up call it really is!
— Anita H Horowitz, Kristallnacht Chair

Buffet Dinner: Members $25: Guests: $30
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