Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) Observance

Wednesday, November 6 at 7 pm

Hosted by Sutton Place Synagogue in partnership with Christ Church & St. James Episcopal Church.

In the spirit of interfaith unity and respect, Rabbi Rachel Ain (Sutton Place Synagogue), The Reverend Stephen Baumann (Christ Church), and The Reverend Brenda Husson (St. James Episcopal Church) and their respective congregations, invite you to attend an evening of remembrance of the Holocaust pogrom that occurred in November 1938.

Keynote Speaker: Storyteller Marty Brounstein (Author of “Two Among the Righteous Few”)

Amidst the horrific tragedy of the Holocaust comes an interfaith story of courage, compassion, and rescue. Marty tells the story of a Christian couple in Holland who saved the lives of over two dozen Jews in World War II and the Holocaust, including a few German Jews who survived Kristallnacht. Marty also has a meaningful personal connection to this story which he reveals in his engaging storytelling presentation. Two Among the Righteous Few will be available for sale and signing at the conclusion of the program.

Some press about the event: