Member of Knesset Rachel Azaria and Musical Celebration with Kol Rinah Choir!

Shabbat Mvarchim HaChodesh/Blessing the New Month (Nissan)
Saturday, March 25 service begins at 9:15 am
Celebrate the new month of Nissan with a beautiful musical service led by our clergy & the Kol Rinah Adult Choir conducted by Meir Briskman. Click the video above to hear the Kol Rinah Adult Choir sing Y’hi Ratzon (Music by Cantor Dov Keren).
Special Guest Speaker Member of Knesset Rachel Azaria!
As news spreads that Prime Minister Netanyahu might call for elections, come hear MK Azaria share up-to-date information on the climate in the Knesset at this time and specific issues she is working on for the betterment of Israeli society.
Rachel Azaria is a Knesset Member representing the Kulanu Party. Azaria previously served as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and city councilwoman. She started her political career in activist circles of environmentalism and Jewish law concerning women’s rights, and established the Yerushalmim political party in 2008 to represent young, religious and secular Jerusalemites.