Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain – March 9, 2018

Shabbat Shalom. I wanted to make you aware that two arrests were made in connection to the swastika on the door of Sutton Place Synagogue. There are two men in custody due to the hard work and diligence of the hate crimes task force of the NYPD. I am grateful to their diligence and for the way they kept us informed throughout the process.

In the Torah portion Vayakhel and Pekudei, God commands the Israelites not to do any work in the sanctuary on Shabbat. The Israelites gather gifts for God. Moses says that Ohaliab and Bezalel should take the gifts of the Israelites and build God’s Sanctuary. Then, Aaron and the priests are given their clothing for work in the Sanctuary. This marks the completion of the Tabernacle construction. Moses anoints Aaron and his sons to make their priestly positions official. A cloud descends upon the Tent of Meeting, and God’s presence fills the Tabernacle.
Thought Question: How do we feel God’s presence today?
There is KabalTOT Shabbat at 5:30 pm. Our Musical Shabbat Services are at 6:15 tonight and Shabbat morning services at 9:15 tomorrow morning. There is Jr. Congregation at 10:30 am and Tot Shabbat is at 11 am. There is a USY Lunch and Learn with Amanda Phillips on Saturday as well.
Candle Lighting is at 5:38 PM (don’t forget to change the clocks an hour ahead tomorrow night)
Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in coming on a Jewish Heritage trip where we will explore the beauty and the tragedy of our past and the vibrancy of the present and the future in Poland in 2019.
Klezmer Brunch at City Winery (155 Varick StreetSunday, March 11 at 11 am
Join other 20’s & 30’s for this fun weekend event of Jewish culture! Every Sunday Morning, combining live music and food in a fresh, cultural environment, City Winery’s Klezmer brunch series pairs some of the greatest musicians in the world with delicious lox, bagels and other tasty fare on our brunch menu on Sunday mornings. To submit the $10 payment, go to the SPS donate page and select “YP Klezmer Brunch event at City Winery”.
Monday March 12th 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Read and discuss a hand picked selection of short stories. If you wish to attend a class, call the office and the story will be mailed to you so you can read the story before coming to class. Light lunch served.

A course for individuals and couples who have gone through the conversion process. We will look at prayers that are said as part of the Shabbat services to give further insight and inspiration to those on their Jewish journey. Conversations about how to make Jewish ritual & Jewish living accessible now that the conversion is complete will also take place. Please let Rabbi Ain know if you are interested in this course.
Wednesdays March 14 7:30-8 am
#SPSTalks-The SPSTalks that was supposed to take place this coming Wednesday will not be taking place. Please be on the lookout for the next gathering.

Sharsheret Pink Shabbat with Speaker Melissa Rosen

Shabbat, March 16th and 17th
Melissa K. Rosen, Sharsheret’s Director of National Outreach, will be speaking at SPS on Friday night and Saturday morning, during services, and after kiddush.
CLICK HERE to learn more about her topics for the weekend
You should have already received forms to sell your chametz and contribute to the Passover Fund to help those in need. Please make sure you send everything back by March 29.
Sign up for the 42nd Annual SPS Passover Seder for the First night of the holiday. We will sing, learn, laugh, and dine together as we enjoy a scrumptious meal and learn about the themes and ideas of this formative holiday.
Do you want to study in Israel this summer?
There are two programs that I would recommend. You could go the the Conservative Yeshiva for a 3 week study program or you can attend a week long program at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ain