Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain

Shabbat Shalom! This has been quite the week at SPS. Receiving an early morning phone call from Shari Pochapin not only woke me up literally but it woke me up metaphorically as well. It was (another) wake up call that Anti-Semitism and hate doesn’t just happen in other places, it happens here in our own neighborhood. But it also awakened me, even more, to the tremendous community of ours and that which we are a part of. From the minute we heard about the incident everyone stepped up into action. It was a full team effort to communicate both to you, our members, as well as the world beyond SPS. The swift response by law enforcement, elected officials, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community members has been inspiring. The case is being handled by the proper authorities who are continuing their investigation and we will continue our job of building a strong community, educating against hate and Anti-Semitism, and creating a sense of unity and shared values here at SPS and beyond. 

Please NoteIf you would like a time and a space to reflect on the events of this week, please know that there will be a facilitated discussion led by our members, Alan Manevitz and Anthony Selvitella, approximately 30 minutes following the conclusion of Shabbat Morning Services. 

This week we read from  Parashat Lech Lecha, the story of Abraham being called by God to go on a journey and to become a blessing. This begins the story of the Jewish people. 

Friday night services are at 6:15 pm and Saturday morning services are at 9:15 am.  Candle Lighting is at 5:39 pm.  There is Jr. Congregation at 10:30 on Saturday morning and Tot Shabbat at 11 am. 

Join us during Shabbat morning services when we will have the chance to listen to Talia Zour Avner from JNF, who will speak about Israel’s Water Solutions. 



In Chutzpah and High Heels, Jessica Fishman gave up the calmness of the Midwest to move to a land full of idiosyncrasies, terrorists, and beautiful, olive-skinned men in the Middle East. With wit, sarcasm, and self-deprecating humor, Jessica takes us on a journey through her embarrassing and difficult moments and gives a never-before-seen snap shot of Israeli culture from the inside. RSVP to
Cocktails at 7, talk begins at 7:15, there will be an opportunity to buy signed copies of the book. 

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Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ain