Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain! – August 24, 2018

Shabbat Shalom!  In this Torah portion, Ki TetzeMoses delivers specific rules about proper family relationships. He continues with laws involving many aspects of daily living, justice, family responsibility, work and sexuality.

Shabbat evening services are at 6:15 pm and Saturday morning services are at 9:15 am. Candle lighting is at 7:22 pm. Alexis Azria will be delivering the dvar torah tomorrow morning at services.
Thought question: This week’s parasha reminds us that the Torah (and therefore Judaism) has something to say about all aspects of our lives. How do you integrate Judaism into your life on a daily basis? As you think about the year ahead how will you bring Judaism into your life in additional ways?
Here are different ways of “doing Jewish” in the New Year:
  • Prepare to come to our moving Selichot program and service on Saturday night September 1st. We will watch an incredible Israeli film called Facing the Wind, followed by a discussion. We will then enter into the holiday spirit as Cantor Keren and the Shirah Choir led by Richard Slade, lead us in prayers
  • Reserve your seats for the Sanctuary Service, the Parallel Service, or the Young Professionals’ Service. CLICK HERE for all the details.
  • If you are planning on enrolling a child in gan katan, in the religious school, or in Hebrew High please make sure to do so asap! If you have any questions be in touch with Alyssa Schwager.  ALL JRS FAMILIES ARE INVITED TO “MEET THE MORIM (TEACHERS)” Wednesday night September 5th from 6-7 pm.
  • Check out the Fall 2018 Sutton Place Family Center offerings and enroll today!
Do you know anyone who is looking to connect with a synagogue! Be a SPS Ambassador and encourage them to become a part of our congregation. Here is membership informationif you want to share! You can also connect them to any of us here at SPS!
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ain