Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain! – August 3, 2018

Shabbat Shalom! This week we read Parashat Ekev. In this Torah portion, Moses continues his speech to the Israelites. He tells them they will have to annihilate people who are not believers in God. Moses reminds them not to forget God’s commandments even after they enter the land of Israel, and that they must continue to fear God.

Shabbat evening services are at 6:15 pm and Saturday morning services are at 9:15 am. Candle lighting is at 7:50 pm.
Thought question: Why do you think that Moses wants the Israelites to fear God? Is that the kind of relationship that you have with God?
SPS will welcome Br. General Bentzi Gruber to speak from the bimah on Shabbat morning during services about Ethics in the Field: a firsthand look into the strategic and ethical decisions that IDF commanders and officers make daily, has become influential beyond the borders of Israel.
Br. General Bentzi Gruber is Vice Commander (reserves) of Division 252, an armored division of 20,000 soldiers. As an entrepreneur, he has established Internet startups, been a real-estate developer and initiated biotech research. He is also the founder of “Chesed In The Field,” a non-profit that brings together IDF reservists and chronically ill and disabled children for special events throughout the year instilling the values of community and social responsibility in the hearts of thousands of soldiers. Br. General Gruber also established “Ethics in the Field” to shatter myths and present the facts missing in today’s discussion of Israeli counter terrorism.
SATURDAY August 25
Come to services and listen to our member, Alexis Azria, as she delivers a dvar torah and the applicability to our world today.
Time to plan for the fall!
Monday morning August 13th 8:30 am (join for minyan first!). Rabbi Ain will review the general structure of the High Holiday services and important themes to consider as we begin the Hebrew month of Elul, the final month of the Jewish year. We will sound the shofar, study texts, and begin to focus our minds and hearts on the world of repentance and growth in the weeks to follow.
Saturday August 18th Following Shabbat services. Rabbi Ain will introduce familiar and unfamiliar texts of the High Holiday services as we take a closer examination of what they mean and how they can transform our prayer experiences.
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Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ain