Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain – June 23, 2017

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Shabbat Shalom! In this Torah portion, Korach and his followers accuse Moses and Aaron of taking power and prestige for themselves at the expense of the community. Moses defends himself against the rebels by saying that the Lord will make God’s presence known by how God kills these rebels. Then God opens the ground and swallows Korach and his followers.

Friday night services are at 6:15 tonight and Shabbat morning services begin at 9:15 am tomorrow morning. Candle lighting is at 8:13 pm. Join us as Daniel Novick, a JTS Rabbinical Student, takes the pulpit!

Thought Question: Korach and his followers stage a rebellion – In our world today, God doesn’t intervene rather it is up to humanity to respond to those who rebel. How do we respond to rebellion?

Upcoming Shabbat Speaker

Shira Ben Sasson Furstenberg will speak on “The old State and Religion challenge: What’s new?”

Saturday July 1

Shira is the director JPW (Jewish Pluralism Watch) JPW is the Masorti (Conservative) Movement’s non-partisan institute which monitors, interprets and publicizes the positions, statements, and voting records of Knesset Members and other elected officials on all issues of democracy, religion and the state.

Shira was the director of iRep, JFNA’s Israel Religious Expression Platform. Serving to impact a range of issues related to increasing religious diversity in Israel with the initial goal is to promote and help advance meaningful change to the status quo that will serve to facilitate a range of legally-recognized options for marriage in Israel.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ain