Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain – September 8, 2017

It is hard to believe but another MAJOR Hurricane is going to make landfall this weekend. Preparations have been made, evacuations have been ordered, and people are making choices about where to be. Jewish communities in the south such as Atlanta are taking in making Florida residents as they evacuate this weekend. We keep our friends and family in our thoughts and prayers as we hope that Irma’s path turns.
CLICK HERE to watch a moving video of one Conservative Rabbi in Florida, reminding us of important lessons as he prepares for the storm.
In this Torah portion, Ki Tavo, Moses instructs the Israelites regarding the first fruit offering. Moses then lists the blessings the people will enjoy if they keep the commandments, and the punishments they will suffer for disobeying them.
Our first KabalTOT Shabbat of the new program year is tonight at 5:30 and our Musical Kabbalat Shabbat service begins at 6:15. Shabbat morning services begin at 9:15 am tomorrow morning and we will celebrate as David Kamenetz becomes a bar mitzvah. Candle lighting is at 6:57 pm.

Thought Question: This week’s parasha teaches us about a ritual that the Israelites observed once they entered the land. What is the power of Jewish ritual in your mind? 

SUMMER MIGHT BE OVER….but we have LOTS planned for the year ahead!                                   CLICK HERE to read the September/October bulletin.


Make sure to mark your calendar, send in your ticket requests, and invite people to join you as members of our community as we usher in the New Year together! Remember to register for Jackson Religious School, our family center programs, and start the 2018-2019 application for Kaplan Nursery School.  Do you know a young professional that is looking to connect with our Jewish community? Have them check out what we have coming up this fall, including our signature High Holiday services. Do you want to get in the mood for the High Holidays? CLICK HERE to listen to melodies that we sing at our services.
Reception: 7:30 pm
Program: 8:00 pm Come watch The Gates are Closing, as SPS members perform a reading of a powerful dramatic play
Selichot service: 9:30 pm
SPS December 2018 Multi-Generational Trip to Israel! 
We are planning a trip to Israel for December 2018. This trip is great whether you have been to Israel already or not and will be guided by David Keren, an excellent guide who has lead an SPS trip in the past. We hope you will join us as we celebrate our relationship to the Jewish Homeland!
Highlights will include:
  • Two days in Tel Aviv where we will learn about the founding of the state and visit with many different communities that live in Israel today
  • An Off-Road Jeep tour competition in the Golan Heights as we understand geo-political issues of the day
  • Meeting with an artist in Tzfat
  • A Visit to a Chocolate Factory
  • Tours of Jerusalem-both modern and ancient, with a special b’nai mitzvah ceremony in the Egalitarian section of the Kotel as well as time to explore the new shops and restaurants
  • A tram ride to the top of Masada and wading in the depths of the Dead Sea
  • Special shabbat services and dinner with lone soldiers (IDF soldiers who have made aliyah who are living in Israel without their family)
  • An archaeological dig
  • A New Year’s Eve dinner in Jerusalem!
We are having an information session on THIS TUESDAY EVENING September 12 at 7 pm at the home of SPS members Ross and Erica Levine. If you would like details about the location of the information session or about the trip itself please email me.

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Ain