Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Ain – January 27, 2017

Shabbat shalom! In this Torah portion, Vaera, we find ourselves deep in the heart of the “Passover” story.  It begins by God telling Moses and Aaron to go to Pharaoh to demand freedom for the Israelites. Pharaoh refuses to free the Israelite slaves, and God unleashes plagues on the Egyptians. Pharaoh promises to free the Israelites and asks Moses to stop each plague, but each time, God hardens Pharaoh’s heart. The portion ends with the plague of hail stopping and Pharaoh changing his mind once again.

Shabbat services are this evening at 6:15 pm. Saturday morning services are at 9:15 am. There is Jr. Congregation at 10:30 am. There is NO tot shabbat tomorrow morning. Candle lighting is at 4:50 pm.

Tomorrow morning, in synagogue, we will welcome Dr. Tomer Morad of the Technion Institute

Dr. Morad is a Technion PhD and “Startup Postdoc” at the Runway Program, in the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute. He will speak about the Institute, specifically the Runway postdoc program, with its unique study environment, what it offers its students and what it brings to the city. Dr. Morad will share his personal story, about how the Technion prepared and equipped him with the tools to be an innovator & entrepreneur.

Thought question: In this morning’s parasha, God introduces Godself to Moses by invoking the names of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Why do you think that was done? What relevance did those names have to Moses, who grew up as a “prince of Egypt?”
Looking forward:
Who Are American Jewish Personalities that have changed our communities, our lives, and the world? 
Come to 4 special presentations given by members of SPS on 4 different themes to find out.
February 8-Jews in Social Activism-Presenters are Fred Molod, Sara Angrist, and Jay Shulman
Future dates include:
March 8-Jews in the public square,
April 5-Jews in science,
May 16-American Jews and Israel
All presentations will begin at 7 pm.
From Rabbi Heschel to Henrietta Szold, from Rabbi Schneerson to Steven Jay Gould, and more, SPS members will present who these people were, what made them, tick, and how are lives were influenced by their lives and legacy
Write Your Life Story
After a successful Fall, this class is returning in time for Winter…new students are encouraged to sign up! Do you like to reminisce about special times in the past? Are you intrigued by the way your life or your ideas have evolved over time? Perhaps you have thought of leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren in the form of a written personal history. There are many kinds of life stories, and all have enormous value. Don’t let them get away from you! Learn with a congenial group of others how to shape your personal story into a lasting written work. You don’t have to be an experienced writer to benefit from the class! SPS member Roberta Hershenson, a longtime journalist, writing tutor, and fiction writer will lead the class.  To register:
For more learning opportunities CLICK HERE
A CommUnity Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell
February 13 @ 7:30 pm
Join Sutton Place Synagogue, UJA-Federation and Manhattan synagogues for a conversation between UJA CEO Eric Goldstein and Malcolm Gladwell, writer at The New Yorker and best-selling author of The Tipping Point and David and Goliath. Together we’ll explore theories of human behavior and the power of change within us all.
Hosted at Park Avenue Synagogue | 50 East 87th Street, New York City
Couvert: $18. Your gift represents a charitable contribution.
To register, visit
Come Meet, Eat, n’Greet with the Women’s League of SPS!
Tuesday, February 7 at 7 pm
Join the Women’s League for a new & different type of evening! They want to meet you!!! (and feed you, of course!) THEY ARE PLANNING A FUN AND FRIENDLY EVENING THAT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!
They want to hear from you!
A light supper will be served.
Please RSVP to Ann Lindenbaum at or 347-524-5900
WORLD WIDE WRAP with the Mens’ Club of SPS!
All men, women, and children are invited to come to SPS on Sunday morning February 5th at 9:15 am to participate in a meaningful morning service with the chance to learn how to put on tefillin! If you have your own set, please bring them, if not, we will be able to lend you a pair that morning.
Lots of opportunities for young families and our youth at SPS!
Don’t forget the TEEN SHABBAT DINNER for families with kids in 7th-12th graders on Friday night February 10. Please rsvp to Lesley at
Do you have a 5th-12 grader? Are they interested in Kadima or USY? Please reach out to SPS Youth Adviser, Amanda Phillips, to make sure you have up to date information on upcoming local and regional events
The Family Fun Day for the pre-school set is on Sunday February 12 from 4-6 pm. Check out THIS FLYER for more information
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Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Ain