Shabbat Speakers


Saturday, January 11 during Shabbat services

There’s No Reason To Ask Why Christians and Jews Should Stand in Solidarity

Avnet Kleiner, Jewish National Fund
Jewish National Fund (JNF) Speaker on Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM)

Saturday, February 15th during services

Avnet Kleiner

As ALEH Negev’s Director of Development in the USA, Avnet Kleiner works to promote JNF’s pioneering rehabilitation village in Israel’s Negev that provides medical and therapeutic care to residents with severe cognitive and physical disabilities, as well as outpatient rehabilitative services to children and young adults. ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, a 25-acre, state-of-the-art rehabilitative village in Israel’s Negev Desert that offers unparalleled care for people with severe disabilities, empowering residents and outpatients to help them reach their potential for communication and development.

Dr. Jeremy Benstein

Dr. Jeremy Benstein, Jewish Book Council
Hebrew Roots: Jewish Routes

Saturday, March 21st during services

In partnership with the Jewish Book Council, SPS members will hear from esteemed environmental educator Dr. Jeremy Benstein. Dr. Benstein is a co-founder of the Heschel Center and former director of its Environmental Fellows program. He holds a PhD in environmental anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Jeremy’s interests focus on the interplay of religion, culture and values with the environment, topics he has explored in his book “The Way into Judaism and the Environment.”

Karin Lagziel, UES Community Shlicha
Senior Emissary from the Jewish Agency in Manhattan

Saturday, April 4th during services 

Karin Lagziel

Karin holds a BA in Communication Education and Political Science with honors from Ben-Gurion University. She holds an MBA in Business Administration, specializing in Social Leadership from the Mandel Foundation.

In her previous position, Karin served as director of education programs for the humanitarian organization IsraAID in Dominica. As part of her role, Karin led the creation of a national emergency education program in partnership with UN agencies and the Ministry of Education, Dominica is the first island in the Caribbean to have a national program of the Ministry of Education and emergency educational programs are implemented in all schools.

Karin has a rich background in developing partnerships between the social and business sectors, integrating and using advanced technologies. In the past, Karin led the penetration of learning technologies into the Haredi sector in Israel as part of the “Virtual School” project of the Institute for Educational Technology. She formerly served as Partnership Director collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Education to provide opportunities and workshops to enhance public speaking skills for disadvantaged youth. Karin was part of a team that acquired the Tel Aviv franchise for a social organization called “Fun” to talk about what has recently been taboo in entrepreneurship, failures. Today Karin serves as a Senior Emissary from the Jewish Agency in Manhattan, promoting relations between Diaspora Jewry and Israeli society.