The Art and Symbols in Our Sanctuary

Upon entering the lobby, you will notice the encased Torah scroll. This scroll (#1033) from Luze is one of over 1500 Torah scrolls that were gathered together in Prague from the synagogues of Bohemia and Moravia which were desolated by the Nazi official in charge of the Czech “Protectorate.” Its existence is witness to the “Eternity of Israel.” This Torah scroll has been assigned to Sutton Place Synagogue and is on permanent loan by the Memorial Scrolls Trust, London, England.

Within the sanctuary, there are  4 groups of stained glass windows from the 1970’s which were designed by Hendrick VandeBurgt, a Dutch born artist.

DSC00168The 12 windows (rear right) represent our holidays and observances, from Rosh HaShanah to Shavuot and of course Shabbat.




The 12 windows (rear left) depict the signs of the Zodiac and at the bottom of each panel are the Hebrew names for the Jewish months of the year.DSC00171



The 12 Windows in the front of the sanctuary on the right and left of the pulpit, depict the 12 Tribes of Israel. DSC00166