Weekly Torah Portion

Parashat Ki Tavo
Torah (Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8): Etz Hayim p. 1140-1159
Haftarah (Isaiah 60:1-22): Etz Hayim p. 1160-1164

Israelites in the Promised Land will be required to bring some of their first fruits to the priests and to declare their gratitude to God for the blessings bestowed throughout history. They must also declare that they have tithed appropriately.

The Israelites must literally put the commandments into stone.

A ceremony is described in which the people must gather between two mountains and hear of sins that take place in private, many of them sexual in nature.

If God’s commandments are fulfilled, Israel will be blessed in many ways. If they are not, Israel will be punished in dozens of ways, leading to their return to slavery in Egypt.

Moses reminds the people of the many miracles God performed during the years of wandering in the wilderness, including the defeat of several peoples.