Weekly Torah Portion

Parashat Vayakhel & Pekudei
Shabbat Mevarekhim HaHodesh

March 25, 2017 – 27 Adar 5777

Torah(Exodus 35:1-40:38): Etz Hayim p. 552-572
Maftir (Exodus 12:1-20): Etz Hayim p. 380-385
Haftarah (Ezekiel 45:16-46;18): Etz Hayim p. 1290-1294

With the Golden Calf incident behind them, the Israelites are asked to re-assemble in front of Moses, who reminds them of the requirement to observe Shabbat. The people are asked to contribute materials for the Mishkan; they bring so many that Moses must ask them to stop.

Bezalel and Oholiab are introduced to the people as the chiefs of the Mishkan’s construction. They set to work efficiently and complete building the sanctuary’s individual items.

We read an inventory of the metals used in the Mishkan’s construction. The Israelites set out to create the priestly clothing as described previously in Exodus. After Moses inspects the Mishkan’s many pieces, they are approved and assembled, in the precise manner God had commanded.

Immediately after the final touches are applied, the Divine cloud fills the Mishkan. The cloud takes up so much room that Moses is unable to enter. The cloud fills the Mishkan by day, and fire glows in it by night.